Vaccine information

Flue Shots 2018

These are now available , please read below:

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends an inactivated influenza vaccine (IIV), trivalent or quadrivalent, as the primary choice for influenza vaccination in children because the effectiveness of a live attenuated influenza vaccine against influenza A(H1N1) was inferior during past influenza seasons and is unknown for this upcoming season.

So, we will be primarily offering the flu vaccine in shot form. We have ordered but not received a limited amount of the flumist but because it may be less effective than the shot, we will only use it as a last resort.

Call us at the office for a flu shot “only” visit. These are usually free and you will just get the shot for your child and be out in a jiffy! We have special Saturday shot only slots at our Sacramento office.

You can click here and read the full policy from the AAP if you are a science major!

Immunization Policy

All of the Providers at PMA feel strongly that vaccination is a necessary part of child safety and health. This is not only our position, but that also of the American Academy of Pediatrics, our professional organization.

There is no scientific reason to fear or avoid vaccination, and after careful consideration of patient provided input, literature search and our education, we will no longer accept patients that refuse to vaccinate.

As pediatricians, we are experts in interpretation of the available data pertaining to children and do not defer our expertise to social media or other sources of skeptical consideration.

We ask that, as your child’s advocate, if you completely reject the idea of vaccination, that you seek a different practice for your child’s health. We do not want to place our other patients’ health at risk, should an unvaccinated child be ill in our waiting room.

In addition, if we don’t insist on vaccination, we set up the very uncomfortable situation of having to possibly care for a child in an emergency situation with an entirely preventable disease.

Here is the link to vaccination requirements and to catch up reccomendations