H1N1 Resource Page

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We have good supplies of the H1N1 vaccine.  If you would like to receive the H1N1 vaccine, feel free to call us at 924-9863 to set up an appointment.

Testing and Treating:

We will only act as per evidence based guidelines when it comes to testing and treating, so please understand that drug resistance and vaccination are life and death issues and not casual or trivial. There may not be enough test kits in the world to meet the demand for testing of H1N1. Since we only treat hospitalized patients or very ill patients, these tests are being saved for this type of patient. We still need to see your child if they are sick to rule out influenza or any other serious disease, but still, we usually make the diagnosis initially on our clinical examination and history.

Preventative or presumptive treatment:

We try to verify any cases of exposure to H1N1 and do not go by hearsay, so if you heard that someone touched something at daycare, please, try to get the facts first before calling.

We do not recommend medication at this time to prevent cases except in very unique cases. Feel free to call if you have any questions or concerns.

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