Community Health Advocate Program

Pediatric Medical Associates is excited to introduce a new resource to our patients! Our new Community Health Advocate (CHA), Michelle Pelletier, is here to help you and your family get in touch with the resources you need, especially during this difficult time. Our CHA works with your provider to connect you and your family with local community resources ranging from mental health, housing, transportation, and much more! We want to ensure that you receive the help you and your family need, so that nothing stands in the way of your health and wellness.

Here are a few examples of resources she can help with:

  • Employment/Financial assistance
  • Counseling/Social Support
  • Transportation
  • Food/Meals
  • Housing/Rent/Utilities/Phone
  • Substance Use
  • Child Care
  • Car Seat/Clothing/Furniture
  • Health Coverage
  • Safety (emotional/physical)
  • Support for Children (diapers, formula, school enrollment, academic support, etc.)
  • Support Groups
  • And other resources as needed

How to Get Connected to Our CHA

Please call the front desk, or ask your provider at your next appointment if you’d like to be connected to our CHA. We are currently offering both in person and virtual visits to discuss and asses what we can do for you and your family. Pediatric Medical Associates is dedicated to helping our patients get connected with community resources and want to be sure to clarify that this resource is free of charge to you regardless of your insurance.

Virgilio Sierras

Virgilio Sierras comes to Pediatric Medical Associates after 3 years of facilitating and coordinating patient care as a Health Navigator and Community Health Advocate for Hill Physicians Medical Group.  As a Community Health Advocate, Virgilio has been able to independently evaluate patient needs and connect them to available resources.  He is passionate about trying to resolve the social determinants of health that may hinder the quality of life of his patients.  He has built effective working relationships and networks with patients, healthcare team members and community-based organizations. Virgilio strongly advocates and provides support for his patients.  He stands up for those who lacks access to quality healthcare by giving them options and a voice to improve their quality of life.  He regards his work with the utmost due diligence.  Virgilio is a family man that enjoys going to the beach with his brood.