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A parent’s guide to the best pediatric sites on the web

Lactmed is a must have bookmark. It is a database of all drugs and effect on breastfeeding!

Hill Physician Medical Group has served up healthwise’s information databases for all patients. This is an award winning database for not only your children, but your health as well. Here is a great place to start for any health related questions about your family.

Healthy Children website , at the official American Academy of Pediatrics website, includes a guide to your children’s symptoms, immunization schedules as well as guides to “quality” children’s media, children’s books and injury prevention tips.

UptoDate is an evidence based advice site. It is very well referenced and you can find the original articles that support the advice. click on children’s issues for pediatric advice.

The Children’s Health Center is part of the Health O@sis at the Mayo Clinic website. Mayo’s website has been cited as one of the best institutional locations on the internet, and is a winner of a Webby Award for the best site in its category. It includes state-of-the-art information from the Mayo clinic, and is particularly thorough about pregnancy and baby’s first year. Parents can query Mayo physicians.

Kids Health is brought to you by pediatric experts at the Alfred I. DuPont Hospital for Children and the Nemours Children’s Clinic, and is also linked to the American Medical Association’s website. It features the latest health information on a wide range of topics (including infections and emergencies) for kids, teens, and parents.

KidSource On Line. A group of California parents created this web community devoted to children’s health and education. It contains information, news, and links about kids from babyhood to teens.