Swine Flu, Who?

Jul 31

The Center for Disease Control has released the list (here) of who should get the swine flu vaccine if it is available this year. In addition, these same people should get the regular flu shot as well. If you want to be notified when the vaccine is available, sign up for our developmental newsletter at www.kiddoc.com/news.php . Even if your child is older than 3 and you don’t get the weekly updates, you will be entered in our communication database.

Pertussis Video

May 05

Jennifer Lopez, singer, actress and mother, and the March of Dimes launch a national whooping cough education campaign. This new initiative focuses on educating new parents and their families about pertussis, a highly contagious and potentially deadly disease for infants. The 60-sec PSAs featuring Ms. Lopez are available in both English and Spanish. The video encourages new and expectant parents to help protect their babies by making sure that anyone who is, or will be, in close contact with a young infant has been vaccinated against pertussis.