Antibiotic Resistance

Feb 18

Activity Kit for your child and you.

Feel better with you virus brochure


We often get parents upset because after seeing their child, we do not always give an antibiotic. Sometimes, after seeing the child with one parent, the other parent will call back and be concerned that they wasted a visit, or that we held back medicine that could have helped at best and not hurt at worst. But, in fact antibiotic resistance is a real and increasingly worrisome problem that we feel very strongly about. We are sending two pieces of information for you and your children to look over to put our concerns into perspective.

Remember, we still need to see your child if they are ill. But, if they do not need an antibiotic, this is a good thing. You may need to come back again if they do get that ear infection, or lung infection. This is still better than coming back with a rash or diarrhea or resistant bug instead (which happens more often than the secondary infection.)

As always, we at PMA love our patients and care for you as we would our own family members. Until then,
Best Regards,
The Nurse Practitioners and Doctors at PMA