Top 10 Ways to Keep the Germs out of Your House for Winter

Many cold and flu viruses can live on any given surface for up to 48 hours. Taking precautions to kill viruses and bacteria promptly will greatly reduce the number of times household members become ill.

Pediatrician CA and Pediatrician Sacramento Wellness:

1. Use hand sanitizing wipes before entering the store to wipe down the shopping cart. The store is notorious for harboring several sicknesses. Moms go with sick kids, people go to get cold and flu medicine and a wide array of other reasons, such as food and drinks to aid better health.

2. Use hand sanitizer after leaving the store. After everything that’s touched in the store, including food items, it’s important to thoroughly cleanse the hands.

3. Get kids in the practice of washing their hands frequently so that when they’re outside the home, such as at school, they will continue the practice and not bring viruses home with them.

4. Avoid contact with surfaces that many people touch, such as stairway banisters, door knobs and walls in key places. These surfaces are hardly ever cleaned and the public touches these the most.

5. Clean surfaces in the home with anti-viral and anti-bacterial solutions to kill germs. This includes countertops, garbage cans, sinks, faucets and any other hard, nonporous surface that could harbor germs.

6. Clean bedding in hot water every week. This not only cuts down on viruses, but harmful dust mites that cause severe allergies.

7. Spray disinfectant on door knobs, light switches and other prime areas that family members frequently touch, especially the home’s entry point that harbor outside viruses and bacteria.

8. Allow the house to air out during the day so that the air is not stagnant. Use of fans makes this practice fast and easy.

9. Allow sufficient sunlight in the home. The sun’s rays naturally kill viruses and bacteria.

10. Allow the home to stay cool and wear extra clothing. Viruses cannot thrive in cooler weather. The reason viruses are spread easily during the winter months is that the body temperature is just right and everyone tends to stay indoors where viruses are passed to one another.